Here is the way to string up a bass guitar
the correct way

step 1
Work string by string.

Give the string some slack, so it won't jump away when you perform step 2.

step 2
Cut the old string.

(this is to prevent the body from being damaged at the bridge when you remove the old string, and makes it just easy to remove the string)

And pull it out.

step 3
Now try to unpack and unwind the new string without picking out one of your eyes.

(as Toots is demonstrating)

step 4
Now cut the string to length, this should be somewhere between 6 and 8 centimeters from the winding post you are working on.

(sorry for being metric, in inches it's round about 3 inches)

step 5
Bend the string at one cm from the end at an angle of 90 degrees.

(in inches a little less then half an inch)

step 6
Place the bent end of the string in the hole at the bottom of the winding post and turn the string downwards 2 or 3 times around it, keep the slack from the string with your hand while you tension the string with the tuning mechanism.

(after you've tuned the string there should be between 3 and 5 winding on the post)

step 7
Tune the string and continue with the other string, after you've replaced them all tune them again, et voila you're ready to play.
If you always use the same strings, you don't have to worry too much about intonation and tweaking of your bass.

(as you can see I'm really left handed and not using one of my own basses for this demo)