Snapped truss rod

December 14th 2012:

While adjusting the truss rod, which already felt rough, all of a sudden a bang and a bent neck.
Shit!! what just happened?

I took off the neck to inspect what went wrong, the thread inside the adjustment nut was stripped out.

Not that strange it snapped, the threaded end of the truss rod was only sticking out 3 millimeters, that is just too short for a M5 thread, as a engineer I know this length should be at least the outer diameter of the thread, and even that is on the risky side.

What to do, send it back for repairs or repair it myself?
I decided to do it myself, I will try to improve it, they will only try to fix it and send it back asap.

My solution was to make a new stainless steel threaded bus that I screwed, and fixed with LocTite, on the short threaded end of the truss rod.
On the outside of this bus is a thicker diameter thread with a smaller pitch and a longer length.
Now the thread is M6x0.5 and has a length of 5.5 millimeter, for this thread this is a safe length.

Also made a new stainless steel adjustment nut with the proper thread in it and a thin plastic ring to reduce the friction between the neck and the nut.

This is the final result.

I can adjust the neck again and it turns smooth now.