The way to string up a nylon (gut) string guitar
the correct way

step 1
Work string by string so there's as little tension shock as possible to your instrument.

Give the string some slack, so it won't jump away when you perform step 2.

step 2
Cut the old string.

This is to prevent the body and the bridge from being damaged when you remove the old string, and makes it easy to remove the old string.

step 3
Remove the old string parts.

step 4
Take care not to damage the wood of the bridge since most bridges of classical style guitars have no finish (no lacquer, no varnish).

step 5
Put the new string through the hole at the bridge with approx. 8 cm (3 inch) spare.
Some type of strings have a flexible spot there (fewer windings on the string), if so, use this.

step 6
Hook the end (left side of picture) under the other side of the string across the bridge.
And then pull it over the string.

step 7
Now put the string end through the loop on the bridge from the under side up, to form a knot and repeat this once more.

step 8
You should now have a series of loops of the string on the bridge.

step 9
Tighten it by hand.

step 10
Put the string through the hole in the peg from the bottom side up. Make sure your string is OVER the peg.

step 11
Keep some slag for the windings on the peg (10 cm or 4 inch should do) and pull the string out.
Now ....

step 12
Put the string back in the hole in the peg OVER the string leading to the nut.

step 13
Tighten the string by hand and you'll see a kind of knot.

step 14
Tighten it further, by hand first and then by turning the pegs.
The string can now be tuned.

Continue with all the other strings.
But remember, nylon strings need a lot of tuning, especialy when they're new.

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