The way to string up a steel string guitar
the correct way

step 1
Work string by string so there's as little tension shock as possible to your instrument.

Give the string some slack, so it won't jump away when you perform step 2.

step 2
Cut the old string.

This is to prevent the body from being damaged at the bridge when you remove the old string, and makes it just easy to remove the string.

And pull it out.

step 3
The ball end of the string is located in the tailpiece.
How you secure this end of the string (not shown here) depends entirely on the model of your tailpiece.
Some have slots where you just put in the ball end and keep it there with your hands until there's enough tension on the string to keep it there by itself. Others have holes to put the string through first. There are also other types (clamps, holes with pins, pegs, ...).

Now put the other end of the string through the hole in the tuning peg and reserve some slack so you can have some windings on the peg, some 6 cm (2.5 inch) should be enough.

step 4
Now make a sharp bend in the string at the "loose" end so the peg has something to hold on to (just bent the string against the peg).
Put the string under tension.

step 5
Cut the loose end of the string close to the peg (unless you like dangling pieces of metal string that might even hurt you (ever been cut by a string ?? It's nasty !).

Tune it.

Now do all the other strings in the same way and then tune again.

You're ready to play now.

It's got to be simple !
Just look at that last picture, the guy's got two left hands !!