mk1-6 details

Some history

After building the mk1 4 string this bass was the first one I completely build myself, it was based on my mk1 4 string design.

I rebuild this bass in 2011, in the rebuild I used the original neck, pickups, tuners/bridge and head piece. I slightly redesigned the body and modified the neck profile.

After this rebuild it has undergone some changes and upgrades.


Fingerboard radius:
Head piece:
Truss rod:
Top nut:
35 inch
Bartolini M56CBC dual coils
EMG BTC Control 2 band
V, B, Preamp - Switches: series-single-parallel
de afwerking
de afwerking
single action, 2 truss rods
Dunlop 6110
zero fret
Cheap ones (work fine for me)
side dots - aluminum

Spalted flamed Maple top, Mahogany core, Merbau and Spalted flamed Maple center strip back.

Neck trough, Meranti and Pine, Macassar Ebony fingerboard.

This was the original build in its glory days.

Changes after the rebuild
As it looked after the rebuild.

Yes, it was fretless at the time with Padauk fretlines.
The fretless playing did not work out the way I liked after a while, I thought the fretlines were to dark.

I decided to put in white fretlines.
Still not able to play fretless the way I wanted. I just could not get used to playing fretless with a 35 inch scale.

I put frets on it and never looked back, 35 inch scale fretless is just not working for me.
Final modification, new pickups.

The sound the EMG split coil active pickups gave me was also something that was never really to my liking, decided to put in Bartolini split coils, both with a series-single-paralel switch. This gave me the sound I was looking for.